Council Contacts

10-12 Orchard Street, Neath, SA11 1DU

Call us: 01639 642126

Office Hours: 9am - 2pm 

How we deal with your correspondence

All incoming correspondence is presented at Council meetings which take place each  Thursday of the month.  The Council will decide on what course of action to take in relation to the correspondence and it could, in some circumstances, be directed to a Committee for recommendation back to a future Full Council meeting for ratification.

See the above tab 'What We Do/Meetings, Agendas & Minutes' for further information.

 Office Based Staff:

Town Clerk (p/t)
Finance Officer/Deputy Town Clerk (f/t)
Events Administration Officer (p/t)
Administration Officer (f/t)
Bookings Officer/Mayor's Secretary (f/t)

Staff working in the Community:-

School Crossing Patrol Officers (p/t) - Afan Valley Rd, School Rd/Walters Rd and Dyfed Rd
Maintenance (f/t)

Groundsmen (p/t)
Caretakers (p/t)
Cooks (p/t)
Kitchen Assistants (p/t)

p/t - Part time / f/t - Full time 

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