Neath Town Councillors are volunteers and do not receive any payment or allowance for their work. They are bound by a Code of Conduct which requires them to act selflessly, objectively, within the law and to give assurance for the proper use of public funds and assets.

Every year, one Councillor is elected by the other Town Councillors to be Neath Town Council Mayor to act as the civic head and first citizen of the town.

Councillors meet every a month to discuss business at its main committees. However in addition some Councillors sit on a number of operational related Committees which also meet monthly to carry out more specific and often in-depth areas of work.

Payments to Councillors for the Year Ended 31st March 2016
Castle Ward 
  Cllr. Mark Protheroe
64 Harle Street, Neath, SA11 3DL
01639 769231
 Penrhiwtyn Ward
 Cllr. Mrs Sandra Miller
39 Pantyrheol, Penrhiwtyn,
Neath, SA11 2HN
01639 631897
 Cllr. Mrs Sheila Penry
32 Walters Road, Melincryddan,
Neath, SA11 2DP
01639 793881
  Cllr. Alex Sims
150 Cimla Crescent, Cimla,
Neath, SA11 3PF
07880 239843
 Mount Pleasant Ward
  Cllr. David Flynn
6 Wallace Road, Neath, SA11 1YL
01639 767647
  Cllr. Mrs Sheila Marston
Marstons Green, 19 Talbot Road,
Neath, SA11 1UT
01639 636557
  Cllr. Adam McGrath
11 Talbot Road, Westernmoor,
Neath, SA11 1UT
01639 768660
  Cllr. Bob Price
55 Cimla Crescent, Cimla,
Neath, SA11 3NR
01639 412932
 Melyncrythan Ward
  Cllr. Greg Evans
12 Harlequin Court, 44 Windsor Road,
Neath, SA11 1LZ
07980 207132
 Cllr. Leanne Jones
23 Primrose Road, Neath, SA11 2AR
01639 680691 
  Cllr. Breandan MacCathail
12 Briton Ferry Road, Neath, SA11 1AA
07587 699766
Gnoll Ward 
  Cllr. Jamie Evans
56 Cimla Crescent, Cimla,
Neath, SA11 3NP
07955 655656
Llantwit Ward 
 Cllr. Paul James
22 Hibbert Road, Neath, SA11 3DE
07762 474298
  Cllr. Jan Lockyer
37 Harle Street, Neath, SA11 3DN
01639 770718
  Cllr. Gareth Morgan
14 Gnoll Drive, Neath, SA11 3TH
07811 269410
 Cefn Saeson Ward

Cllr. Alan Carter
2 Y Berllan, Cimla,
Neath, SA11 3YH
01639 632442 

 Cllr. Ali Musaied
39a Windsor Road, Neath, SA11 1NB
01639 630321
  Cllr. Colin Webber
58 Pine Grove, Cimla,
Neath, SA11 3RG
01639 633979
Crynallt Ward
  Cllr. John Warman
66 Glannant Way, Cimla,
Neath, SA11 3YN
01639 778933