Welsh Cafe Awards 2019

We are so proud of being awarded the ‘Best Community Café in Wales’!   

Neath Community Café stands in the centre of Neath. As part of its desire to promote and increase ‘Wellbeing’ for the Community, the Town Council continue to provide hot and nutritious meals throughout the week. We are more than just a Community Café!

The Town Council is passionate about providing and supporting this essential community service and continue to heavily subsidise its meals which is one of the reasons it has been awarded ‘The Best Community Café in Wales’.

Our clientele (or as we like to call them, ‘friends’) continues to grow and reaches further out into the surrounding areas and creates a ‘hub’ of wellbeing, friendship and camaraderie. We also pride ourselves at the Community Café for constantly reviewing and changing our daily specials. We continue to provide our renowned, 3 course annual Christmas lunches which we have had to extend for an additional day due to demand. From your feedback, the Community Café also now provide ‘take out’ meals. Our breakfast take out service is growing and so does the facility for those who wish to take hot meals home to have for dinner!

Our Community Café serves the local and wider population of Neath on a daily basis and everyone and anybody is welcome.

We are open from 9.30am to 2pm daily, opposite Argos, next to the Gwyn Hall.

Take a look at our Facebook and Social media pages for offers.

There is something for everyone at our Café. Come and say hello, try our delicious breakfast baguettes, take a jacket potato back to the office, have a cooked lunch or just come in for a cuppa, cake and a chat!

Donna, Tina, Faye & Deb will always give you a warm welcome!