Neath’s Defibrillator Network continues to grow

Published: 03 March 2022

Neath Town Council have once again been donated Defibrillator Units by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Councillors to continue to develop and strengthen the Defibrillator availability in Neath and the surrounding areas.

Cllr Alan Lockyer and Cllr Mark Protheroe who are Neath Port Talbot County Borough Councillors have continued to use their ‘Members Community Funds’ allowance to purchase three vital Units.

Cllr Alan Lockyer stated ‘We are committed to developing the overall network of these Units and hope that the new locations at Ty Gwyn, Victoria Gardens and Cimla Road will provide even more visible reassurance in the community that the Defib Network in Neath is growing’. 

Cllr Mark Protheroe added ‘We wanted to protect some of our Councillor funding to ensure that the Defib Network was supported as we continue to be committed to expand the coverage. There is evidence that they are used and needed in the Neath area and the three new locations will cover the some of the existing gaps as the Defib Network continues to grow’.

Two of the Defibrillators have been donated to Neath Town Council and all Units will be added to the Defibrillator provision throughout the area. The Defibs will be included on the Neath Town Council Defibrillator map which identifies which Units are available where and whether they have 24/7 access.

To access these Defibrillators, you will need to call the Emergency Services on 999 for the access code.

 Cimla Road
(at the corner of Neath Little Theatre)
  Ty Gnoll Newydd
(Dyfed Road)
 Victoria Gardens 
(at the rear of the visitors centre)