Neath Town Council declares a Climate Emergency

Published: 21 April 2023

A meeting took place with Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council’s Lead for Climate Emergency at the request of the Town Council to consider ways in which they could support the work of the Unitary Authority. 

The motion was unanimously agreed at a recent Full Council meeting on 2nd February 2023 that ‘Neath Town Council declare a Climate Emergency’.

During the next twelve months the Town Council will be seeking advice and working with the Borough Council and community to work towards creating a carbon zero future for the Neath Town Council wards.

Our vision is to include all demographics within the Community.

The Estates Committee have been tasked with progressing and working towards this declaration.

Neath Town Council will:

  • declare a 'Climate Emergency';
  • work towards an achievable action plan which will compliment the current Biodiversity Act which the Town council strives to deliver;
  • develop a net-zero carbon approach as soon as practically possible;
  • maximise local benefits of these actions in other sectors such as health, agriculture, transport and the economy;
  • work with Neath Port Talbot Council to deliver a carbon neutral future;
  • call on Wales and UK Government to provide the support and resources to make this possible;
  • work with local areas, particularly the adjoining town and community councils and other partners;
  • report within twelve months, in tandem with the existing Biodiversity Reporting, any actions the Town Council have delivered to address this emergency, for example, increasing the energy efficiency of its Community Halls.