Hanging Baskets

Neath continues to blossom!

Neath Town Councillors are hoping to brighten the town again this year, especially post COVID, with the installation of hanging baskets, planters and barrier baskets. This project continues to ‘blossom’ and ‘grow’ and the feedback from the Neath community is extremely complimentary.

Neath Town Mayor, Cllr. Mrs Sheila Penry announced ’An increase of 82 baskets will be installed throughout the town this year plus multiple tiered planters and barrier baskets. Neath Town Council felt that due to the overwhelming positive feedback from the public regarding last year’s ‘show’ it was agreed to further extend it as much as we could. The baskets will be installed in May and we can’t wait to see them blossom over the coming months.

Some of the baskets will need to be removed for the September Fair however as the baskets still have a few more weeks of bloom, plans have been made to relocate all the baskets throughout the town centre area. The hanging baskets will be in place until October when the growing season comes to an end.

As the project has been such a success, Neath Town Council are committed to funding hanging baskets for 2022 onwards.