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Neath Town Council

Formation: Neath Town Council was established in 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972 as the successor authority to the former Neath Borough Council, thus continuing the provision established under the 1935 Municipal Corporations Act for a “Town Council”. Resulting from the Neath (Communities) Order 1982, which became operational on the 1st of April 1983, changes were made in local government boundaries enabling Briton Ferry, previously service by Neath Community Council, to form a Community Council in its own right.

On the 5th March 1992 Neath Community Council resolved to adopt the status of Neath Town Council and as a consequence the Chairman was entitled to become known as Town Mayor

Functions of the Council

The Council comprises of eight wards with nineteen Councillors representing a population of approximately 18,600. The Council has responsibility for Neath Community Cafe; Neath Community and IT Centre; Cimla Community Centre; Melincrythan Community Centre; the Old Town Hall; bus shelters; roadside seats; allotments; footpaths/bridleways; Neath Castle and gardens and Charities.

In addition the Council sponsors a number of competitions every year including the Garden and Allotment Competition and the Christmas Shop Window display. The Council are active members of the Neath Business Consortium and help in providing a Neath Festival each summer, which includes concerts, displays, exhibitions and a Community Fete. It also fully supports the Neath Food and Drink Festival held in October



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