Accounts & Financial Affairs

Precept for 2019/20

Neath Town Council has worked hard to maintain the same Precept for this year, being the ninth consecutive year the precept has not increased. As houses and developments continue to increase within the Ward the charge for a "Band D" property will remain at less than £1 a week. This is reviewed on an annual basis and is for all the services the Council provides for the residents of Neath and its surrounding catchment areas of Llantwit & Merra, Cimla, Mount Pleasant, Melyncryddan and Penrhiwtyn.

As well as continuing with existing services, Councillors are committed to the ongoing maintenance, improvements and security of their community halls, in addition to updating or renewal of bus shelters and seats, and the maintenance and general upkeep of Neath Castle.


Additionally, Neath Town Council has been very dedicated in continually improving and providing new and exciting events in and around the Neath Town Wards for the community. Members have also increased the provision of Christmas Lights this year and added a 2 day Festival to the free programme of events they currently provide.

Financial Information 2019