Town Mayor



The Mayor is the first citizen of the town. In their Civic Role the Mayor meets with individuals and communities to honour them for their contribution to the life of the town, and to promote civic pride. The Mayor is also a member or patron, ex officio, of a number of organisations. The role of Mayor is distinct from that of Councillor and the Mayor acts in a non-political manner when carrying out the civic role. The Deputy Mayor will attend functions when the Mayor is unable to do so.

Every year one Councillor is elected by the other Town Councillors to be Neath Town Council Mayor.

Neath Town Councillors are volunteers and do not receive any payment for their community work. They are bound by a strict Code of Conduct which requires them to act selflessly, objectively, within the law and to give assurance for the proper use of public funds and assets.

Current Mayor - Councillor John Warman