Press Release

Caring for the Community

Neath Town Council have recently secured Big Lottery Funding to provide defibrillators throughout the town of Neath and the surrounding area. 

Defibrillator Press Release 2017

Cariad Defibrillators Wales have installed defibrillators at Cimla Community Centre, Neath Community Centre and Melyn Community Centre!

Defibrillator Locations

Defibrillator location Cimla

Defibrillator location Neath Community Centre

Defibrillator location Melin

Cllr. Protheroe with Defibrillator

Our latest Unit is in Church Place, outside Neath Town Hall on the side of Coral’s.

Thank you to Cllr. Mark Protheroe who used his Neath Town Council Mayoral Allowance from 2018 - 2019 to install this defibrillator at Church Place.

Cllr. Protheroe with Defibrillator

Neath town centre defibrillator map

Cimla Defibrillator map

Melin defibrillator map