Defibrillator donations connect the community

Published: 24 March 2021


Neath Town Council have been donated three Defibrillator Units by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Councillors to help strengthen the Defibrillator availability in Neath and the surrounding areas.

Cllr Alan Lockyer and Cllr Mark Protheroe who are Neath Port Talbot County Borough Councillors have used their ‘Members Community Funds’ allowance and donated the three new Units.

Cllr Alan Lockyer stated ‘We are delighted to donate these Units and hope that the new locations at The Practical Taylor and The Big Cam both on Windsor Road and Leonard Street Post Office will provide additional reassurance in the community’. Cllr Mark Protheroe added ‘In order to strengthen and support the number of Units already positioned in and around the Neath area, these new locations will cover the some of the gaps which have been identified needing Defibrillators’.

The Defibrillators have been donated to Neath Town Council and will be added to the expanding Defibrillator provision throughout the area. These Units will be included on the Neath Town Council Defibrillator map and the Town Council will ensure they are regularly maintained and available 24/7.

To access these Defibrillators, you will need to call the Emergency Services on 999.

Leonard Street Post Office
The Big Cam
The Practical Tailor